What can coach do on TP

- simple and intuitive multiple team management
- easy creation and collaboration over video
- educate through exceptional video examples (pro-athletes performing elements they do the best)
- track progress and history of interaction for every athlete
- your profile is your portfolio (show the world all the incredible work you are doing and extraordinary athletes you are creating)

What can athlete do on TP

- show your talents
- work with coaches, improve your skills and monitor your progress
- master visualisation and dramatically accelerate your improvement
- get endorsed and endorse your teammates skills.
- reach your full potential and get noticed!

Science behind TP

Visualisation process in sport is a training technique where athletes are doing mental imaginary of the action they want to perform. visual rehearsal triggers neural firings in the muscles and creates a mental blueprint which ultimately facilitates future performance.

Michael Jordan, Tiger woods and wayne rooney are only a few of superstars that subscribe their incredible success to visualisation process. Tp is designed to exploit it.
Our preliminary experiments show 80% time reduction in error correction and up to 300% acceleration in acquiring of new techniques.

Impressed? Join us and rocket launch your career.